We’re happy to announce that Google has released a case about our collaboration with the Swedish loan broker Zmarta Group.

Precis Digital Helped Zmarta Grow Revenue by 111%

With a goal of becoming a leading loan service, Zmarta from its launch early in 2015 adopted a mobile-first approach, wanting to create a great experience on all devices for all users.

An extensive analysis of Zmarta’s data showed that the use of a last click model, was not creating sufficient information of how Zmarta’s different marketing efforts were contributing to actual return on investment – as it is very often the case.

Understanding your users’ path to conversion is a focal part of understanding your users’ behaviour when researching products and services online. Zmarta not only acknowledges the importance of gaining information about this journey, but also with great insight understands that this journey is only becoming increasingly complex in their market.

As the user moves between different marketing channels as well as devices, the importance of understanding how the value from these different interactions should be attributed in order to invest your marketing budget best also increases for us marketeers.

Furthermore, mobile traffic was increasing notably for Zmarta, which pointed out the necessity to find a new approach to efficiently optimize Zmarta’s advertising.

Through Google Universal Analytics measurement protocol, a connection between the CRM platform and media buying was enabled. With this technical implementation Precis Digital and Zmarta, could implement an attribution model across all channels and devices, and also shifted Zmarta from a CPA model to profit-driven optimization, thus re-evaluating Zmarta’s marketing efforts to be in line with the core business objectives.

Key Performance Indicators:

  • Mobile makes up 59% of total revenue – with mobile clicks up by 85%.
  • Revenue increased by 111%.
  • ROI has grown by an impressive 59%.
  • The new way of attributing value across devices and understanding how people interact between channels has shown irreplaceable for the increase in revenue seen at Zmarta.

Read the full Google case here: “Zmarta uses multi-device, profit-driven optimisation to grow revenue by 111%”.

Christoffer Lötebo Partner & Group CEO