Kicking off our third semester of homework sessions with NU!

Autumn 2019 marks our third season and semester hosting study and homework sessions at Precis Stockholm, together with Nolla Utanförskapet (NU). NU is a non-profit organisation, helping kids in the suburbs gain the tools, support and opportunities needed for better social and work-related integration. Part of their efforts is the program for company hosted study groups. These study groups consist of coordinated, weekly visits between different host companies. Some of the benefits for the students:

  • Visiting interesting companies.
  • Insight as to what different companies do.
  • Learn more about different types of careers and roles.
  • Homework help (of course!).
  • CV or job-related coaching from professionals.
  • Hear stories about other people’s journeys from school to their current job.
  • Fika and fun conversations in general!


In September 2018 we welcomed our first group of motivated 9th graders from the NU IT-workshops. This meant bringing out the fika, notebooks, and a bunch of volunteering colleagues eager to tackle any type of homework or work and life-related questions – be it physics, essay writing, CV creation, or simply telling the story of one’s personal journey from ninth grade, to working as a team lead at Precis. 

For us as a company, the benefit is clear; involving ourselves in something important, and that aligns with our values is rewarding in itself. Being part of any effort towards inspiring our younger generation, is something we value highly, and something our volunteers have found personally rewarding. It is also an activity fun to engage in together as a group.

Now, entering our third semester of this collaboration, we are sure it will be as exciting as the previous year, and we have already prepared the physics formula sheet for any acceleration or velocity related riddles! ?


About NU
Vision – for all young people to be seen, heard and given the tools to access society and working life.
Founders – Wanda Throne-Holst, Katja Halvarsson, Sanna Wolk
Active locations – Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, Lund
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Sarah Alarabi Head of Culture