At Precis, we claim to be a truly data-driven company. While we do have a great neon sign saying “Nobody puts data in a corner” at one of our offices, stating something (or having a neon sign made) doesn’t make it true. But data does. So take my hand and let’s review some stats about Precis and the people who work here.

Coffee (or not coffee)

First things first: 73% of us chug coffee regularly while 27% prefer tea.

Digging deeper and looking at the actual data for the last 62 working days in the Stockholm office – we have been drinking 5 617 cups of coffee from the “Corporate machine” (you know the one all companies have in the lobby, that serves everything from black coffee to cappuccino at the press of a button). That’s an average of 90.6 cups per day. Black coffee is the clear number one choice, but 1.7% of the cups did contain “Elins smocka” (English translation “Elin’s sucker punch”) – a custom made drink courtesy of Elin at the Stockholm office, containing two black coffees on maximum strength.


If we take a look at our educational background in relation to the highest degree we attained, 9% of us finished studying after upper secondary school, 45.8% have a bachelor degree and 45.2 % completed a masters degree. Since school is all about learning – we have some statistics on that as well. We asked everyone at Precis how they prefer to learn – either in solitary or in a social setting. We were pretty intrigued by the results: 49.4% prefer to learn by themselves while (I think you can calculate this by yourselves but anyway), 50.6% prefer to learn in a group. Quite a challenge when deciding how to structure learning at Precis 🙂


Two data points we always display on our career site are our gender balance and number of native languages. For the gender balance, we are currently 41% women and 59% men working at Precis. Our joint number of native languages is 29, ranging from Serbian to Spanish (and Catalan!), Persian to Dutch, and Hindi to Polish.

Moving on to Slack

The number of custom emojis we have created is now at 500, and thus far in 2020, 2709 posts have been written in our channels (60.2 per working day).

Speaking of channels: how many public ones do we have? 152! Looking deeper into some of them, here are the number of members per channel:

  • #company-updates: 300
  • #tldr: 265
  • #programmatic: 146
  • #amazon: 95
  • #frankoceanfanclub: 2

Tired of all the data? We’re not.

Cats and dogs

When Daniel in our Gothenburg office asked everyone to share pictures of their dogs in our #random slack channel, 25 dogs were displayed. Why wasn’t there a thread about cats? One reason might be that we have more dog people than cat people at Precis. To be exact, 76.6% define themselves as dog people and 23.4% as cat people.


We have a Slack channel called #precis-plant-club with 24 members – but there should be more as approx. 138 of us (of the grand total of almost 300) have a desk plant.

PC vs. Mac

A discussion that never ends (or rather, is never initiated because it would never end) is if you work with data best on a PC or a Mac. Looking at the numbers one could presume the answer is clear since 65% have chosen a Mac.

But since yours truly is writing on a PC we can just continue not to talk about it …

Matilda Aravena HR Director