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Growth through technology and omnichannel strategy



Apoteket hired Precis Digital early in 2014 since they needed a digital partner to help them grow their paid search activities. Apoteket is the largest pharmacy retailer in Sweden with 370 stores across the country. Apotekets revenue amounted to 19 billion SEK in 2015.


Since the start of the partnership Precis has helped Apoteket grow online revenue with 107 percent with a 52 percent increase in investment. In addition, Precis has helped Apoteket measure how paid search drive visits to physical stores. By using an omnichannel approach to paid search Apoteket are able to optimise their ROI for both the online and the offline world.

Success Factors:

  • Through the implementation of Store Visits tracking in Google AdWords Precis Digital has enabled tracking and evaluation of the total value that is being created by paid search, both online and in physical stores. By understanding the full value of paid search Apoteket are able to understand and improve overall sales from paid search.
  • The use of Precis Digitals technology platform has been a critical factor to success. With thousands of products to advertise and fierce competition, our bid management helped create efficient campaigns and ensures that no opportunities are lost. Precis Digitals technology has ensured that campaign management is scientific and agile.
  • In addition to the above, an important factor for success has been the continuous testing of landing pages, ads, keywords and new functionality from Google. During the past 3 years online competition has increased significantly and the above factors have been key to improving ROI and growing revenue.
  • Apoteket has a multi-faceted marketing strategy spanning many channels such as TV, outdoor, print and digital. Precis Digital and Apoteket has worked together to ensure that paid search is well integrated with more traditional marketing initiatives ensuring that the communication is able to reach consumers across all touchpoints in the purchasing cycle.
Increased revenue
Increase in investment

Henrik Tingwall, Head of Digital, Apoteket AB

We are delighted to be working with Precis. Since the start of the collaboration they have been easy to work with, professional and honest. Those are things we appreciate very much in a partner. Precis are experts within paid search and their team really drive projects forward and get things done. This has enabled us to stay ahead of the competition and constantly improve our performance. Apart from delivering strong results they have also been able to provide us with good strategic advice that help guide our decision making and long term planning

Robin Rosada, Digital Marketing Manager, Apoteket AB

We prefer Precis as our SEM partner since they deliver both good results and useful monitoring/reports. Our collaboration with them is more of a partnership where we work towards mutual goals than just a client-customer relationship. Precis has also shown several times that they understand and care for our core business by making strategic suggestions that benefits our whole company and overall strategy. The team that I work with have high expertise in SEM and is also fast and easy to communicate with, which is something I appreciate much in a partner

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