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Managing Digital Media Investments

Digital Partnership With A Nordic Footprint


BILTEMA hired Precis Digital in 2015 since they needed a partner to manage their digital media investments in the Nordic region. BILTEMA has traditionally focused on more traditional media investments but they were fast to act when they realized that their target audience was moving online to a much higher degree. The collaboration between Precis Digital and BILTEMA has been focused on developing a digital marketing strategy and ensuring successful implementation, spanning from paid search to branding focused campaigns in the programmatic display world.


Since the start of the partnership Precis has helped BILTEMA increase online media investments with more than 300% in the Nordics, while at the same time increasing the efficiency. Considering such a large increase in exposure, click through rates (CTR) have been increased by 179% whilst CPC’s have decreased by 32%. In relation to programmatic buying we have seen CPM’s decrease by 22% while at the same time engagement rates such as time on site and bounce rate have improved steadily.


  • Since BILTEMA has a local presence in every Nordic market it has been crucial for Precis to leverage local experts in each market to ensure that the strategy and the marketing investments are executed and adapted to the market in question.
  • A crucial goal for BILTEMA is to use channels such as paid search and display advertising in order to drive consumers to visits one of their 120 stores across the Nordic region. Through the implementation of Store Visits tracking in Google AdWords Precis Digital has enabled tracking and evaluation of the value that is being created in BILTEMAs physical stores. By understanding this, BILTEMA and Precis Digital have been able to reduce the cost for driving a visitor to a BILTEMA store by approximately 40%.
  • Precis has worked closely with BILTEMA to map out seasonal trends as well as the overall marketing mix that also covers offline channels. This has allowed us to respond to and complement any campaign activity that BILTEMA initiates. As an example, any branding campaign run on radio has been complemented and enhanced with corresponding campaigns covering Google Search, Display, or any other digital channel managed by Precis.
  • A strong partnership means continuously evolving and refining the digital marketing mix in order to engage BILTEMA’s core audience where they find themselves online. By driving engagement and visibility through paid channels such as DoubleClick, Facebook, YouTube and the like, we have developed a strong understanding and toolkit as to where and how to engage the core audience with any given campaign message. This can for example include buying premium inventory through DoubleClick to reach wide audiences, while reinforcing the message using other channels such as search, email, and targeted video campaigns.
Increased CTR
Reduction in CPC’s
Reduction in Cost per Store Visit

Henrik Jarl, Nordic Marketing Director at Biltema

When we approached Precis Digital we had already spent a few years working with digital marketing. Precis made us see more potential in online marketing and helped us optimize investments and are very aware of cost benefits for us as a customer. The result with increased CTR and reduction in CPC are very satisfying. In Precis Digital we have a reliable partner.

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