MEDS – Boosting the conversation with Youtube trueview

Increase in brand impressions


Through a coordinated campaign push across upper funnel channels, the amount of brand search impressions increased by a staggering 79 %.

View rate above benchmark


By showing engaging content to the right audiences mix we managed to increase the view rate 78 % above the industry benchmark.

Brand lift above benchmark


When targeting people previously unaware of the brand, we managed a 61 % relative brand lift, which is 3x the benchmark lift. This lift is the current Northern Europe record holder within the vertical.

  • The Precis team’s knowledge of YouTube formats, strategies and creative best practices was really key in achieving these results – and their ability to track and evaluate the performance has been fundamental when setting our future brand strategy.

    Marika Baltscheffsky
    CMO MEDS Apotek

Success factors

1. Creative strategy

Coupled with strong creative content produced for YouTube by Good Enough Media, we created a sequencing strategy with multiple video cuts and formats to make sure that people seeing the ad would also engage with it. We then communicated with key audiences in social channels, promoting the actual YouTube video to encourage conversation.

2. Audience structure

We knew that the content had huge potential, but we needed to make sure it reached the right audience. Using a wide combination of in-market, affinity and similar audiences we managed to identify those most interested in the content. This resulted in more than 500,000 views, thousands of reactions and 100+ comments.

3. Investment strategy

A key strategy throughout the campaign was to continuously identify high performing audiences and formats and allocate investment to where it was most effective. By doing this, we ensured ongoing improvement throughout the campaign, making the most out of our creative and audience strategies.

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