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Achieving what every marketer wants

Achieving what every marketer wants


Outnorth is one of Sweden’s largest online retailers focusing on Scandinavian brands for outdoor activities. The product range consists of brands that represent high quality, good design, and excellent functionality. The collaboration between Outnorth and Precis Digital started at the end of 2016 with the aim to apply a sophisticated and comprehensive approach to Outnorth’s search engine marketing in order to improve performance. The fact that Outnorth’s accounts, at the time of Precis Digital’s take-over, were in a quite healthy state and performed in line with the targets added to the challenge to further improve the performance.


  • Undertaking a comprehensive approach and a full revamp of the AdWords and Bing accounts in order to improve the relevance, reach and cost efficiency for each account.
  • Applying Precis Digital’s proprietary algorithmic bidding logic in order to have a truly data-driven approach to the much critical process of keyword bidding.
  • Undertaking tenacious and in-depth search term analysis and keyword expansion in order to establish continued growth and increase the number of relevant paid search visitors and customers.
  • Adopting several of the newest technologies and functionalities within search marketing as well as data analysis and attribution.


  • The formulation and execution of a very rigorous and concrete marketing strategy from the start of the collaboration.
  • New account structures which resulted in higher ad relevance, increased control and improved conditions for more accurate bidding.
  • The utilization of Precis Digital’s proprietary bidding logic resulted in a more accurate cost distribution and a significant improvement in both total revenue and profitability.
  • The close and transparent dialogue between Outnorth and Precis Digital has been crucial for sharing insights and having an agile approach to continuously identifying new areas of improvement.


Increased total revenue from non-brand (YoY)
Improved profitability

Henrik Wilnersson, Online Marketing Manager, Outnorth

When we first started working with Precis Digital our biggest challenge was trying to grow our accounts while still keeping our ROI at the target level. By applying Precis bidding logic together with automated processes for keyword expansion, we quickly found that our potential market grew rapidly. Together we have achieved what every marketer wants; big increases in revenue and reach while at the same time showing a higher ROAS. All this while still making sure that the cooperation is transparent and focused on our mutual success and strategy rather than just looking at SEM.

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