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Profitable growth through optimal allocation of advertising spend


Founded back in 2005, Stayhard is one of Sweden’s largest online stores for fashion conscious men. The product range consists of clothes, shoes, and accessories from well-known brands as well as from new exciting ones. Stayhard partnered with Precis Digital in 2015 because they needed a digital partner to assist them in taking their online marketing strategy to the next level.


Focusing on profitable growth, during the first two years of the collaboration Precis Digital was able to grow yearly revenue from non-brand search advertising by 320% while maintaining ROI levels.

Precis Digital also led the implementation of DoubleClick Search, with functionality ranging from advanced algorithmic bid management to adaptive shopping campaigns. This enabled increased revenue from Stayhard’s Google Shopping campaigns by 870% while increasing ROI levels.


  • One of the first actions was to conduct a complete restructuring of Stayhard’s Adwords accounts. By creating a more granular account structure, greater relevancy and optimal allocation of advertising spend were achieved.
  • In addition, an important factor for success has been continuous testing of landing pages, ads, keywords and new functionality from Google.
  • Since Precis Digital took over the account, CTR is up by 30% percent. This, in turn, has generated a higher Quality Score, maintaining average CPC despite the increasingly fierce competition in the retail industry.
  • The implementation of the full stack of Doubleclick products, including Doubleclick Search, has contributed to the rapid growth of ordinary non-brand search campaigns as well as Google Shopping.
  • Precis Digital also conducted an advanced attribution analysis to help Stayhard move beyond last-click attribution, allowing them to assign true values to every touch point in the conversion paths. A more accurate attribution led to improved budget allocation and in-channel optimization, resulting in higher profits.

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Revenue uplift from non-brand advertising
Revenue uplift from Google Shopping
CTR increase

Malin Hultqvist, CEO

Precis has been a key partner in enabling our sales growth, through sophisticated digital marketing strategies within SEM, display, and YouTube as well as advanced data analysis.

Viktor Sundberg, Online Marketing Manager

When working with Precis, high expectations are rarely high enough! Precis execute our digital strategies with impressive precision and brutal decisiveness, boosting our KPIs to levels we could only have dreamt of.

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