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Advanced analysis via Google Analytics Premium

Advanced analysis via Google Analytics Premium


Tradera is the largest online marketplace in the Nordics, with over two million users, allowing you to buy and sell almost anything – by auction or to a fixed price. Tradera has worked with Precis Digital since 2012 to organize the work with Google Analytics via Google Tag Manager as well as fully utilize Google Analytics Premium, and the export function to BigQuery, for advanced analysis.


  • A complete migration to tag management, through Google Tag Manager, has enabled for much faster publication of tags. Both for the marketing and the product development teams. All tags are now able to be managed centrally. This has increased the frequency for publication of new tags significantly. It has also led to increased efficiency and security within the organization.
  • The implementation of User-ID tracking in Google Analytics has enabled Tradera to perform cross-device analysis. Tradera is now able to continuously analyse user interactions across all their platforms. The enhanced tracking has resulted in an increased understanding in the time of usage for different devices and how interactions on different devices support and complement each other in the purchase process. Tradera was also able to map out user segments that are not fully utilizing all platforms. Insights drawn from the additional analysis work have been used to adjust and create new marketing activities.   
  • The feature to export raw data to Google BigQuery was implemented to gain further analysis possibilities. BiqQuery analysis has enabled an increase in analytical productivity by enabling faster data integration with additional data sets. One important part of this project was the integration with Traderas BI system. This enabled a strong link between business data and data on digital marketing activities.

Success Factors

  • The Google Tag Manager deployment gave an increased flexibility and pushed the organisation closer towards their goal of working more agile with web analytics.
  • An early implementation of user-ID tracking was a key part in the work to analyse the changing behaviour with user interactions across multiple devices and a more complex purchase processes.
  • The aim to reach increased productivity was dependant on the project to integrate Google Analytics data with their BI-system. This led to a much richer view of the business and removed friction in the analysis processes.  

Robin Ahrnell, Online Marketing Manager, Tradera

In the end of 2012 we understood that we need help to implement correct tracking on Tradera. Precis Digital had the right mindset and the technical expertise to help our developers to implement Google Analytics in a short time in our complex product.

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