Be our new Digital Graphic Designer

This job is a unique opportunity for a graphic designer to create a more specialised profile and get up-to-date with the latest developments in Digital Marketing, Web Analytics, and Data Science. We work with a wide variety of aspects of digital marketing at Precis – as a graphic designer on the team, you will be be exposed to all of them. It is important to us that you become a part of our daily operations and develop a thorough understanding of the ongoing optimization of our customers’ online presence. We back up all decisions around marketing on relevant data. We want to teach you that as well – data, data, data!

Depending on your interests and skills, we will create a role where you work with our digital specialists to deliver stellar creatives to our clients. Key tools will be Photoshop, Facebook Creative Hub, and Google Web Designer, and we’ll also encourage and help you become certified in both Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and Google Analytics if you want to.


Help create stellar creatives for our clients. This can for instance include creating dynamic banners, re-cutting a video, or other types of media to be used in advertising campaigns.

Learn how to use Google Web Designer and Facebook Creative Hub together with more traditional tools such as Photoshop.

Strive to continuously learn and master the latest technologies and techniques.

Work closely with our digital specialists who manage advertising campaigns on behalf of our clients.

Understand how to leverage data to create engaging creatives.

Understand how to leverage data to create engaging creatives.

Identify and implement relevant industry changes and innovations.


You are passionate about digital marketing – that’s important!

You have creative vision and have an idea of how to make creatives that engage. Good knowledge of Photoshop, and perhaps even Google Web Designer, is a big plus.

You are interested in working with data-driven marketing, in an industry that is in constant development.

You’re fluent in Norwegian and your grammar is on point.

A good proficiency in English is also a plus.

Knowledge of digital advertising tools such as Google and Facebook Ads is a plus, and perhaps you can code?

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