Rityta 20

Data Science

From online-offline attribution to advanced bid management, our specialists within statistics and mathematics push the boundaries to find intelligent solutions to complex digital problems.

Attribution Modeling

Taking the values generated by a purchase or conversion and modelling them to each channel interaction gives us a clearer picture of reality. With this we are better equipped to predict and optimise future performance. Our customised process for attribution modeling includes a proprietary algorithm for fully data-driven modelling. From here we design a unique model, suited to your specific data and operations.

Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM)

Our marketing mix modeling studies assess efficiency across the entire marketing portfolio. The analysis results in robust models which can show factors such as revenue, effects of marketing investments and other external factors. The analysis also highlights how marketing budgets can be optimised for better results with the same given investment.

Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)

This analysis is based on predicting the full customer value over time. When the CLV analysis is developed, it can lead to further analyses, providing insights into how customers visits can be extended, or how to re-shape digital marketing activities to gain a higher total CLV.