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Technology flows through everything that we do. Our proprietary technology solves some of the most complex problems within marketing. And as our client, you have full access to all of them. We also offer custom solutions tailored to each client's specific needs.

Data-driven attribution

Our proprietary data-driven attribution software is built on cooperative game theory. The algorithm runs on any interaction path data, making it independent of the marketing platform. The model enables additional analysis of Direct and Brand traffic, unveiling a more accurate reflection of reality for each channel.

Bid management

Our proprietary bid optimisation software is built on predictive modeling. The algorithm runs statistical modeling of historical data in order to maximize campaign results. Portfolio optimisation derives the value from the next unit of spend for each keyword in a portfolio, changing the bids automatically each day. This ensures that each keyword is optimised to the optimal bid, while minimising opportunity cost.

Keyword mining

We run automated keyword expansion into exact match with negative keywords in the account structure. Our software for mining search queries is designed to increase efficiency and control in the account. By gaining more control over the exposure we gain on high volume queries, we can secure maximum control, relevancy and bidding efficiency.

Scripts library

We’ve developed a large set of Google Ads scripts for smart automation and quality assurance. This opens up countless opportunities to work with scalable optimisation using the Google Ads API. We also develop and adapt custom scripts for each client.


Our intelligent forecasting is based on a combination of our data-driven attribution and bid optimisation algorithms. The purpose of the forecasting is to enable proactivity in relation to future marketing performance, as well as generating insights on potential outcome of changes in investments.

Custom solutions

Customisation of technology is available for all clients, and algorithms can be developed for client-specific needs.