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Analysis Suite

Our analysis suite consists of technologies for uncovering insights in digital marketing channels. Find out more about our solutions within Data-driven attribution, Marketing Mix Modeling and Customer Lifetime Value.

Data-driven Attribution

Our proprietary data-driven attribution software is built on cooperative game theory. The algorithm runs on any interaction path data, making it independent of the marketing platform. The model enables additional analysis on the distribution of Direct and Brand traffic, unveiling a more accurate reflection of reality for each channel.

Marketing Mix Modeling

We’ve developed a digital marketing adjusted software for Marketing Mix Modeling, that covers all media investments, both online and offline. The analysis captures attribution, effect curves for each marketing channel, as well as portfolio optimisation of future media investments.

Customer Lifetime Value

Our Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) algorithm deployed executes on basic CRM data together with online data in order to create accurate prediction of future Customer Lifetime Value for each user. The algorithm can be deployed for improved reporting as well as optimisation of media investments.

Custom Analysis

Customisation of analysis is available for all clients, and algorithms can be developed for client-specific needs.