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In order to bring digital marketing efforts to the next level, we invest heavily in technology. Read more about our solutions and some of our employee's patents below.


Through statistical modelling of historical data we can assess channel performance at any given time, taking into consideration all relevant dimensions (e.g. time, device, geography, etc.). This enables optimal marketing portfolio optimization, where the true expected value of each paid interaction is pre-calculated, before it even happens.


We have developed a portfolio of analysis tools geared toward marketing optimization. The tools are focused on solving complex problems relevant for most advertisers, such as: Research Online Purchase Offline (ROPO), marketing mix media modeling, cross-device analysis, and Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).


We have developed proprietary software for data-driven attribution. The underlying algorithms are based on game theory and calculate the theoretical attribution for each marketing channel, regardless of the measurement tools leveraged.


Using proprietary innovative technology, we conduct in-depth analysis of search terms in relation to our clients’ advertising. The result is continuous improvement of targeting methods and bids for existing keywords, and expansion of campaigns with new search terms.


Two of our partners hold international patents related to digital marketing. Read more about the patents her:

SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR ASSOCIATING DATA WITH ADVERTISEMENTS: Solution to determine user interests based on interaction data on social media platforms.

GATHERING AND ORGANIZING CONTENT DISTRIBUTED VIA SOCIAL MEDIA: System for collection and structuring of content data on social media platforms for increased relevance in advertising.


Besides regular A/B testing we employ algorithms that simultaneously evaluate and optimize test-groups. This allows us not only to test ads against each other, but also to run the best ads as often as possible during a given test period.

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