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Optimise towards the right outcomes with Enhanced signals

Enhanced signals allows you to maximise your impact by directing bidding towards your most valuable conversions and customers.

Optimise towards:

  • Customer lifetime value
  • Profit
  • Lead value
  • .. and any business outcome that counts

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Unbiased attribution to truly understand your marketing performance

The measurement landscape is shifting beneath our feet. Integrated attribution is a modern, unbiased approach to attribution in a privacy-first digital ecosystem.

Designed to process and evaluate large data sets from ad platforms, it’s the ideal solution to understand media performance at scale and in real-time.

Customise your solution to include:

  • Uses both click and impression signals
  • De-duplicates conversions 
  • Customisable reallocation
  • Supports data-driven allocation
  • Integrates with Google BigQuery

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Make investments work harder with Budget optimiser

Break optimisation silos and access cross-channel budget recommendations

Our Budget optimiser:

  • Finds spend-wasters and hidden winners
  • Optimises for incremental value
  • Navigates the campaign bid landscape

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