Proven strategies to build a
profitable brand your
consumers will love

World-class channel

Use a tried and tested methodology to maximise your search, social and shopping performance

We offer:

  • Work at scale to manage large and variable product catalogues in real-time
  • Proven bidding strategies so you’re always ranking for the highest value queries
  • Fine-tuning of account structures that allow for better ROI and higher sales volumes

Identify new and emerging opportunities

Optimise for what really matters in your business with a data-driven approach


  • Optimisation toward CLV/profit across different product categories
  • Perfect your attribution model to ensure accurate cross-channel results and ROI
  • Determine future performance through Precis market projection tools
precis e-commerce opportunities
  • I would definitely recommend Precis and have done so many times over. I am extremely confident in their knowledge and expertise – they always feel like a safe pair of hands.

    Mikaela Jansson
    Media Marketing Manager Safira

Grow your bottom-line
without compromising
your brand

Have confidence in the balance between your upper
and lower funnel channels


  • Data-driven reporting in real-time
  • Precis business model benchmarks to ensure optimum budget allocation
  • Tried and tested methodology for media spend and conversion forecasting
precis e-commerce upper and lower funnel channels

Understand and
leverage your
customer base

We help you gather, stitch, and analyse data from
multiple sources to form your marketing data

We use:

  • Google Big Query paired with Google Analytics to give you structured and actionable insights
  • Your website data, CRM, automation systems and even contextual information to inform your marketing decisions
  • Robust privacy policy frameworks, to help you build a solid foundation of customer data
precis e-commerce customer base

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