NA-KD – Creating a foundation for global growth

Non-brand cost of sales


Precis were able to enhance performance by harmonising spend within demographic-, geo- and device-dimensions. By analysing search behaviour we cut cost on non-profitable search terms.

Non-brand revenue


By cutting the investment in expensive dimensions we could increase it in profitable ones – making the total non-brand revenue skyrocket. Feed manipulation also made the Google Shopping campaigns reach a whole new level.

New markets


Precis helped NA-KD create a solid digital marketing framework based on business intelligence and efficient campaign structures, which paved the way for NA-KD’s expansion into new markets.

  • Precis always delivers good insights that expand outside of their commitment. In fact, Precis has become a natural extension of our marketing unit.

    Mikael Stålnacke
    Head of Sales NA-KD

Success factors

1. Clear strategic roadmap

In any collaboration, expectations and communication are key. Therefore, we created a concrete strategic roadmap, outlining NA-KD’s opportunities within Paid Search, Programmatic Advertising, Social, and Measurement. Clear communication channels and meaningful recurring meetings were also established.

2. The power of BigQuery

By using BigQuery, Precis were able to merge data from multiple sources and provide NA-KD with insights into marketing activities previously difficult to grasp. For example, a detailed influencer dashboard has been key to fully understanding the effects of influencer marketing.

3. Measurement and tracking

Part of a good foundation for international growth is knowing your markets. Therefore, Precis established a thorough tracking setup alongside real-time updated dashboards to ensure transparency and information symmetry. This ensured alignment between strategic planning, day-to-day execution and the gradual expansion into the right markets.

In a world full of mediocre marketing – be exceptional.