Omnichannel retail

Advanced strategies that maximise value online and offline

Data strategies that bridge the gap between your store and site

Optimise for what really matters in the omnichannel world


  • Optimise towards omnichannel KPIs through cutting-edge data strategies
  • Perfect your attribution model to ensure accurate omnichannel results and ROI
  • First-party data stitched together to enable a complete view of the customer journey

Increase the value from your brick and mortar stores

Tactics and strategies designed for omnichannel retailers


  • Bidding strategies that measure and optimise towards omnichannel metrics
  • Feed-based strategies with intelligent geotargeting and profitable product promotion
  • Hyperlocal campaigns designed to drive footfall traffic to your physical stores
  • Precis really stands out in its approach. The level of expertise is almost unparalleled and thanks to their open and approachable attitude, they feel like another member of the team rather than a contracted agency.

    Pooya Jalali
    Head of Digital Growth GANT

Understand and leverage your customer base

We help you gather, stitch, and analyse data from multiple sources to form your marketing data warehouse

We use:

  • Google Big Query paired with Google Analytics to give you structured and actionable insights
  • Your website data, CRM, automation systems and even contextual information to inform your marketing decisions
  • Robust privacy policy frameworks, to help you build a solid foundation of customer data

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