Enhanced signals

Teach ad platforms what success means to your business – and optimise toward it

Optimise towards value, not clicks

Enhanced Signals allow you to maximise your ROI by ensuring the algorithm knows what your most valuable customers and conversions are.

Optimise towards:
  • Customer lifetime value
  • Profit margins
  • Lead value
  • .. and any business outcome that counts

A full 360 sales strategy optimised toward your product and customer journeys

A fully adjustable and customisable bidding platform optimised toward your business sales cycles

Optimisation targeted toward:
  • Product: Profitability, stock levels
  • Growth: Revenue, new customer growth, CAC
  • Maturity stage: Market share, customer lifetime value
  • … and more

Make your data work for you

Pull in data from across the business, including product attributes, return rates and marketing spend per product item.

Activate your first-party data:
  • Customer data from your CRM
  • Operational insights such as production costs, delivery costs etc.
  • Product cost and expected value including return rates, margin data and sale cycles.

Optimised for large and fast-moving product catalogues

Simplify your campaign structures to maximise data volumes and optimisation

Enhanced signals has:
  • Fully flexible application
  • Real-time 1st party data streaming
  • Efficient deployment costs
  • Full transparency

You know what to do