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About us

You could say we’re just a data-loving crowd in search of digital excellence. But we’re rapidly becoming world class.


Here we are, a marketing agency focused on the most relevant platforms to our clients’ digital investments. We’re crazy about data and driven by the notion of excellence. It’s a friendly culture – one that’s helped us to grow fast. With over 250 different and talented people on-board, we are in a greater position to help you than ever before.


We believe the next generation digital marketing agency looks a little different. We see people and technology working in symbiosis to help businesses survive and prosper. The people are competent, efficient and, most of all, happy. Focused on impact and transparency, the technology is in a constant state of transformation. We see evidence of all this here at Precis – and we embrace it.


2012 seems like a few moments ago. From day one, we wanted to deliver full out data-driven marketing with maximal transparency on all fronts. Little did we know our fanaticism would help us become a suitable partner to just about any company looking to benefit from the digital economy. And our call to increase marketing performance just keeps growing.

A nordic soul

In our Scandinavian and UK offices you’ll find folk from all over the world. We believe the best employees are well treated employees, and that responsibility goes hand in hand with freedom. Naturally, our inclusive culture carries straight on out the door – with a transparent working process to keep everyone in the loop.