Musti Ja Mirri – Using a signal-based approach to drive performance in Facebook and Instagram

ROAS Increase


By driving a more product-driven approach in our targeting, we let the Facebook algorithm do the heavy lifting – thereby increasing ROAS by 54%.

Decrease in COS


We used Facebook’s Dynamic Product Ads to increase relevancy and conduct branded content testing – reducing the CoS by 30%.

Increase in purchases


With product feed management and the right campaign objectives, purchases increased by 32%. With increased purchase volume and better efficiency, we managed to create profitable, long-term growth.

  • Planning and implementing the new set-up with Precis worked out smoothly and we are pleased with the results in Musti ja Mirri’s social channels. We want to make the life of pets and their parents easier, safer and more fun, and offering the most relevant products to the right audiences is one way to demonstrate this.

    Nea Hanén
    Social Media Content Producer Musti Ja Mirri

Success factors

1. Signal-based targeting

Broad targeting combined with signals from various sources was more efficient in serving the right content to the right audience, resulting in better efficiency and higher volumes.

2. Content optimisation

Mixing dynamic product ads with brand creatives was one of the success factors of the campaign. Leveraging lifestyle content for introducing the user to the dynamic product ads, resulted in better conversion rates and overall performance.

3. Long-term outlook

From the beginning, the structure was optimised towards long-term growth, with testing and analysis of all performance measured against this objective.

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