Biltema: Half a decade of proving the effectiveness of old marketing rule

Increase in impressions across all platforms


By increasing the number of impressions for almost the same budget, we made sure Biltema was visible to even more new and existing users.

Increase in share of search


These impressions have not only led to people seeing our content, but also remembering it, as we can see there has been a significant uplift in brand awareness according to The Precis Brand Tracker. which tracks long-term branding improvement by seeing how exact searches for a brand have developed over time. Studies have shown that exact searches correlate with market share of individual brands.

Increase in brand interest


According to Google Trends – a significant increase for an established brand like Biltema.

  • During our five-year partnership, Precis has been pivotal in steering Biltema towards a more sustainable marketing strategy. Precis’ expertise in unifying media buying and creative has helped us achieve extensive reach at reduced costs, while making sure our ads remained effective across platforms.

    Asif Din
    Managing Director Biltema Norge

Success factors

1. Strategic shift

Despite existing brand familiarity among a significant percentage of the market in Norway, Biltema recognised the importance of brand awareness. Drawing upon traditional marketing principles, Precis advised Biltema to place greater emphasis on enhancing brand recognition as a means to realise its ambition of long-term growth.

2. Attention-driving media buying

We devised a media plan with the primary goal of achieving extensive reach at reduced expenses, while also prioritising formats that captured attention effectively. By leveraging various programmatic formats and our status as Google Partners and GMP resellers, we attained heightened visibility at lower costs. Our focus was on formats such as full-screen ads, interactive displays, non-skippable YouTube ads, and CTV videos. Deploying feed-based ads across Meta and Google platforms played a crucial role in expanding national reach and driving foot traffic to Biltema’s warehouses.

3. Digital adaptation and optimisation of ads

With a new strategic approach Biltema needed renewed creatives. Precis facilitated ongoing creative support to Biltema’s transition to a digital-centric creative strategy. This included adapting ads to suit digital formats and harnessing native functionality across various platforms.

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