Value optimisation

Drive business value, not clicks

Connect strategy with conversion signals

We bridge the gap between strategy and execution by combining media planning know-how with our real-time technology

Start optimising towards:

  • Profit maximisation
  • Customer Lifetime Value
  • Lead score

The typical spend distribution for marketing audiences

Activate your first-party data

Get more from your advertising with custom bidding signals using first-party data

Adapt conversion signals using:

  • Custom audience segmentation
  • Return rates
  • Stock levels
  • On-site behaviour

Optimised audience spend to generate value

  • With this report, we get a quick and automated overview of actual shifts in trends and not only linear trends. This helps us in many areas but mainly it gives us an insight into customer demand and where we can have the biggest impact

    Henrik Wilnersson
    CTO Outnorth

Make complex bidding simpler

One tag, multiple platform integrations – simplify your bidding with Enhanced Signals

We support:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Ads
  • Server-side GTM
  • Meta (coming soon)
  • And more to come

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