Value optimisation

Drive business value, not clicks

Unlock customer lifetime value modelling (CLV)

Our machine learning models analyse all your marketing data to help predict who your most valuable customers are – and keep them coming back for more.

  • Historical CLV models
  • Predictive CLV models
  • Segmentation analysis

The typical spend distribution for marketing audiences

Activate valuable audiences throughout the funnel

We won’t just collect another metric on a spreadsheet – action these insights directly in channels – in real-time

We offer
  • Distribution of media spend to long-term value customers
  • Inform bidding algorithms of CLV signals
  • In-built connections to analytics platforms

Optimised audience spend to generate value

  • With this report, we get a quick and automated overview of actual shifts in trends and not only linear trends. This helps us in many areas but mainly it gives us an insight into customer demand and where we can have the biggest impact

    Henrik Wilnersson
    CTO Outnorth

Optimise towards business growth

Understand if your marketing efforts are having an impact on your business with valuable insights to report on, optimise towards, and set goals for

Choose from
  • Profit
  • Revenue
  • CLV
  • Stock levels
  • Deal value
  • And many more

A typical scale of marketing goals depending on your maturity

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