A decade of technology development – at your service

Let machines do what they do best

Automate tasks that are time-consuming so your team can focus on the results that matter

Services include:

  • Applications and scripts that save hundreds of hours in marketing operations
  • Intelligent tools that perform advanced optimisations in Google Ads and Facebook Ads
  • Proactive monitoring and notifications to help your team stay on top

Cloud-based reporting solutions

We build and maintain your marketing data warehouse using our own data management platform

Our reporting solutions:

  • Price benchmarking
  • Product trend reports
  • Performance Max Spend Analysis
  • Shopping insights
  • Search synergy report
  • Precis Digital has been a driving force when it comes to connecting our marketing data with our CRM data, providing us with fascinating new insights, a much better understanding of our customers and the primary factors that are driving our Customer Lifetime Value.

    Viktor Sundberg
    Head of E-commerce and Digital Marketing AJ Produkter

Account automation and hygiene actions

The best quality ad management in half the time

Solution examples:

  • Keyword mining
  • Spend alerts
  • Health checker
  • Link checker

Data strategy and custom automation

Take your media management to the next level with custom automation projects and solutions

Projects can include:

  • Dynamic ad creatives using internal API integration
  • Custom feed management based on stock levels
  • Attention bidding with quality metrics like ad size and placement

No machines here, just humans.