Data governance

We help you navigate the complicated digital marketing legal ecosystem

Ensure marketing is a positive experience for consumers

Building your brand requires sound marketing practices – handling consumer data correctly is just one part of the story

Introducing Precis marketing ethics:

  • Strict guidelines on frequency capping, remarketing, and inclusion list targeting
  • Ad fraud prevention with best practices and in-house technology
  • Full legal compliance and ethical standards for data processing

Reduce your dependency on third-party data

What does the future of advertising look like with an end to third-party data? No need to stress, we’ll figure that out for you

We provide:

  • Data minimisation frameworks to all our clients
  • Investing in unbiased attribution solutions
  • Alternatives to inaccurate modelled platform data
  • Conversion and bidding strategies for first-party data
  • The banking industry may be traditional, but it’s a sector so used to stringent regulations that it can be at the forefront of how to address the privacy challenge. We can lead the way by ensuring data is used correctly and in a way that benefits both ourselves and our customers.

    Anniken Jonsson
    Head of Digital Marketing Bluestep

See how you stack up against EU regulations

Before we onboard, we provide a mini-privacy audit and optional full privacy maturity audit to all our clients

Full audits include:

  • Data and privacy workshops
  • Audits of all your marketing channels
  • Privacy maturity assessments: attribution, user ID coverage, app privacy
  • Optimisation of conversion signals
  • Future-proofing digital strategy for upcoming changes

Make sure you’re fully compliant whatever your industry

We work with your legal teams to make sure everything in your marketing toolkit is up to date with the latest guidance

We cover:

  • Implementation of cookie consent prompts
  • Improved tracking compliance with first-party and third-party regulations
  • Privacy-first integration of your CRM data with marketing channels

Cheers to a cookieless future.

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