Integrated attribution

Machine-learning powered evaluation that goes beyond clicks

Make your impressions count

Account for your platform impression data to strengthen your evaluation of marketing performance

Unimpressed by simplistic platform attribution models? Evaluate your marketing performance using impression-based signals in your cross-channel attribution model.


Potential for full funnel insights from:
  • Branding Video
  • DOOH
  • Connected TV
  • Prospecting display
  • Video ads
  • Social in-market
  • Social product ads
  • Performance channels

Customise to your business

No two businesses are the same – adapt your setup to measure the factors that matter to you

Unlike other attribution solutions, our integrated attribution solution is customisable to your business and marketing strategy.


Our solution:
  • Uses both click and impression signals
  • De-duplicates conversions 
  • Customisable reallocation
  • Supports data-driven allocation
  • Integrates with Google BigQuery



The enterprise solution to understand your channel performance

Communicate better with your organisation with a clear reporting framework for your marketing

Designed to process and evaluate large data sets from ad platforms, integrated attribution is the ideal solution for high volume marketing evaluation – at scale 

Minimum requirements:
  • Access to GCP & Ad platforms
  • Google Analytics (Universal Analytics + 4)
  • More than 50 conversions recorded in Google Analytics per day
  • More than 25 conversions recorded per campaign during lookback window

Adapted for the Cookie crumble

Close the measurement gap by combining user level and aggregate data. Integrated Attribution is designed with privacy in mind.

Nobody does data better