GANT – Growing revenue from paid traffic through technology and automation

Revenue from paid channels


Granular structures on all paid channels has allowed us to maximize revenue from brand traffic, while also growing non-brand significantly, thus increasing revenue by 200% YoY.

Transactions from paid channels


Advanced audience structures allowed us to prioritize the most valuable users, driving new customers and up-selling existing ones – thus increasing transactions from paid channels by 257%.

Increase in profitability


A combination of technology & automation has allowed us to optimize the account to achieve a high revenue while maintaining high profitability, which increased ROI by 66% compared to last year.

  • It’s a pleasure to work with Precis, they are very hands-on and always have ideas to improve our account’s and results.

    Alexander Transeth
    Head of Marketing GANT Norway

Success factors

1. Granular Google Ads structure

Building a granular structure allowed us to maximize brand revenue while also growing non-brand value. This was achieved through a value-based campaign structure and an advanced audience strategy. Precis’ CSS and our bidding tool were essential in order to prioritize the most valuable users at the lowest cost.

2. Paid social funnel strategy

Our Paid Social structure targets users based on the purchase funnel theory. This strategy allowed us to build relevant audiences, generate new customers and maximize value from existing ones. Budgeting based on where the buyer is in their journey was key in order to ensure coverage close to the point of purchase.

3. Technology & automation

In the fast-paced world of Digital Marketing, in combination with a competitive landscape on both Paid Social and Paid Search, it’s essential to utilize technology and automation where applicable. Building on the strong foundation provided by the account structures, technology allowed us to optimize the account properly and achieve an increased revenue while strengthening ROI.

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