Gina Tricot – Tapping into algorithmic optimisation with signal-based targeting

ROI Increase


Ensuring a performance-oriented always-on structure that focused on signal based targeting through correct campaign objectives, feed management, creatives and ongoing optimizations performance skyrocketed with an ROI increase of +217 %.

Increased transactions


By balancing the media mix between traditional upper-funnel and performance activities, spend in performance was reduced by -38.6% while the overall number of transactions increased by +89.2 %.

Drop in CoS


With the use of innovative technology and automation we were able set a framework for the continuous content being produced which increased the relevancy of messaging and campaign output leading to an overall drop in CoS by –66.9 %.

  • By working closely with our partners Precis Digital as well as Facebook, we were able to fundamentally change the way we previously worked in Social Media. We managed to challenge our own assumptions and the results speak for themselves.

    Caroline Flacké
    Media Marketing Manager Gina Tricot

Success factors

1. Feeding the algorithm

A funnel-based account was constructed with an innovative approach to broad audience targeting that shifted focus towards the customer journey and content engagement, these signals were harnessed within the platform for increased efficiency.

2. Balancing the mix

By utilising broad targeting with automated placements we were able to maintain the right frequency across target groups while reaching new potential customers.

3. Brand DNA

Utilising technology to scale creative production we managed to stay true to Gina’s brand DNA throughout the funnel and create hundreds of ad variants 100% on brand.

Performance is part of our DNA