Daniel Wellington – Increasing Amazon ROI by 90%

ROI increase YoY


By pinpointing high performing and retail-ready ASINS, we made sure to lead traffic to qualitative product detail pages, subsequently increasing overall ROI levels.

Increase in sales YoY


By optimizing bids to match expected sales value, combined with trimming down the visibility on irrelevant searches or product targetings, we managed to increase sales while simultaneously lowering Advertising-Cost-of-Sales (ACoS) by -41%.

Decrease in CPC


Through a more sophisticated use of match types and negative keywords as well as new targeting methods, we built an optimisation structure that allows for pushing down average CPC levels without compromising on sales volumes.

  • I have worked with Precis on several projects and always found them very easy to work with. In a matter of days Precis managed to improve our account structure and optimize our bidding, resulting in substantial improvements in CPC and ACoS without decreasing sales.

    Simon Liljenäs
    E-commerce Manager Americas Daniel Wellington

Success factors

1. Expanding relevant reach

By mining search terms reports, we enhanced our ability to stay relevant and avoid costly irrelevant clicks. This meant we could increase our reach by 27% while still decreasing CPC levels significantly, ultimately leading to higher profitability and sales volumes.

2. Bidding efficiences

With an overall ACoS target in mind, we adapted bidding and bid adjustments to accommodate expected ROI levels based on historical data, adjusting continuously and at scale to adapt to changes in consumer behaviour over time.

3. ASIN selection

Having steered the account towards higher relevance in terms of visibility, we also wanted to ensure that the product detail pages that consumers ended up on were high performing and retail-ready. This strategy greatly contributed to the higher conversion rates we subsequently observed.

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