Today we are happy to announce that Kristoffer Olofsson has been appointed CEO of Precis in Stockholm.

Having been part of the management team since the early days of the company, prior to joining Precis Kristoffer worked at Google, first within advertising operations and later in an analytics team in London. This laid the foundation of a keen interest in platform technology and the marketing ecosystem in general, something that has manifested itself throughout his time at Precis. Kristoffer has headed up several of our measurement and marketing teams, introduced and scaled some of our today core service offerings, founded our internal specialist team, and has led many key strategic projects for the company over the years.

Some decisions just feel right. Given where we are at, and where we are heading, I am fully confident that Kristoffer will be a perfect fit for this role. Based on his previous experience, with having been here from almost the start, and with his previous role heading up our specialists, it will mean that Stockholm will have a CEO that has not only a good strategic understanding of Precis and our context, but also the technical product knowledge. I am sure that those two aspects will continue to be key in this new landscape of marketing.
– Christoffer Lötebo

It is with enthusiasm that I take on this new role and look forward to what lies ahead for the company. Having seen Precis evolve from a small but ambitious team hacking away at marketing challenges, to one of the largest independent and most multifaceted digital agencies in Europe, what gives me the most joy is to see how people around me has grown with the company. We have such a strong team now of both deep and diverse competencies that being the team leader is truly a luxury. I will do my best to guard our finest qualities while continuously improving what can be even better; for Precisers, our clients, and our client’s clients.
– Kristoffer Olofsson

Kristoffer Olofsson takes over the role as CEO of Precis in Stockholm from Christoffer Lötebo, who instead will focus fully on his role as Group CEO going forward.

Christoffer Lötebo Group CEO