Looking back, the last 12 months we have received about 3000 job applications – a number that is both amazing and, to be honest, a bit scary. We are currently approximately 270 people working at Precis, so the amount of job applications equal our whole company times 10, and then some. How many people did we hire during the same period? 102.

Our recruitment process

In between those numbers, 3000 to 102, a lot of work happens: our recruitment process. We try to keep it short and simple, but depending on position, urgency and location, the process itself can vary some. It usually includes an initial phone interview, an on-site interview and lastly a case-interview.

The two first interviews aim at two things: 1) getting to know and understand the person’s drives, passions and cultural fit, and 2) getting a general understanding of the person’s skills, experience and knowledge. The case interview is aimed at getting a deeper understanding of knowledge and skills as well as logical reasoning, presentation skills, and the ability to discuss and exchange opinions and ideas. But for this post, let’s zoom into the interviews!


On the search for passion

Have you been invited to an interview at Precis? Fun! We are looking forward to meet you! Maybe it’s kind of obvious, but we believe that you can’t create great results without great people. Hence finding and meeting those individuals is one of the most important activities HR, managers, management, and co-workers at Precis engage in.

The interview we host is focused on getting to know you and your drives and passions. What excites you about digital marketing? What area would you enjoy exploring further? What do you think you need to learn now that will be important in the near future? What test haven’t you done yet that you would like to try out? Where do you think the industry is heading in the coming 2, 5, or 10 years?

The point of all these questions (that indeed might be something that you are asked during an interview) is to understand where your passion lies. You won’t find passion named in any of our principles (A.K.A. values), nor in the goals we set up for the company. That’s because it’s something that is a given for us, not something added or something that can be defined as belonging to our culture, our business or our strategy. Having passion for what we do isn’t something we can demand of people, no matter how much we would put it in different documents or processes. It needs to come from within – and simply put, that is a big part of what we are looking for in our interviews. It comes down to creating the workplace we want – and it’s one where everyone at Precis can feel they are working with, and alongside people that share their curiosity and drive to create big things within digital marketing.


The skills and the perspective

What about skills then? Do we disregard skills, knowledge and experience? Of course not! Like any other company we do need to find people with the right skills and knowledge, and we ask questions about it, but the answers we get are not only looked at from a right/wrong perspective. It’s very good if a candidate knows how to optimise for a better cost of sales, but knowing that and having thought about three different ways to do it, and their pros and cons, tell us something more. So we do care about the candidate’s skills, but more than telling us what you know, we are interested in hearing about how you learnt it, and how you can use that knowledge to find what you need to learn next.

Matilda Aravena HR Director