Marketing Ethics Report 2022

Are we the villains?

The state of marketing ethics

Since the early days of the internet, there has been an unspoken deal between platforms, users, and marketers. A deal that has meant a largely free and uninhibited world of content for people to explore in exchange for advertising and the use of their data for marketing purposes. Along with it, we’ve seen the marketing industry transform… but not necessarily for the better. 

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Can we do better?

The challenges of marketing ethics

The state of marketing ethics in 2022 presents a clear message that marketers are keen to do better. The fact that so many senior executives see this as a critical priority in the next twelve months is an encouraging sign for the future of marketing. Yet, competing priorities and emerging regulations mean intention doesn’t always lead to reality.  

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  • I strongly believe that being a good player in the market will give you a competitive advantage. Maybe not right here, right now, but in the long run, as customers understand more that it matters how their data is used.

    Peter Hestbæk
    Head of Digital Sales & Marketing Matas

Looking into the future

The future of marketing ethics

When survey respondents were asked which priority they believe will drive growth for their business in the next five to ten years, four out of five respondents agreed with the statement; To achieve above-average growth in the next five to ten years, brands will need to focus on their consumers’ overall welfare. So how can we ensure a sustainable future for the marketing industry? 

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The founders of Precis, Christoffer and Robin, will give you a quick breakdown of the findings in the report and discuss what the future holds for the digital marketing industry.

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