Rityta 19


Using data-driven measurement methods enables us to strengthen your marketing strategy. Our task is to unveil the data or insights about your business that will allow us to make continuous improvements to performance. Then we make concrete action plans to realise them.

Web/App tracking

With state-of-the-art processing and management of large data quantities, this suite presents data with precision and freshness. As a certified Google Analytics 360 Reseller, we help you to use the products to their full capacity from day one. We become your strategic partner, delivering a solution customised to meet the needs and objectives of your business.

Marketing data warehouse

We help you gather, stitch, and analyse data from multiple sources to take the next step in understanding your customer’s behavior. As a certified Google Analytics 360 Reseller, we are experienced in enabling the Google Analytics export to Google BigQuery, giving you the ability to ask complex questions of your Analytics data. We are also a Google Cloud Platform Partner and have extensive experience in integrating data sources to Google BigQuery/Google Cloud, such as CRM data, Marketing Automation data, and weather data.


Content is a cornerstone in personalisation, but other tactics such as frequency, timing, placement, device, and context are equally important. We help you choose the right tactics across the funnel, while still ensuring that a foundation of data is collected cross-device so you can better understand the customer’s journey. We can help you create cross channel audience logic, deployed and automated in Google Cloud.

Attribution modeling

Taking the values generated by a transaction or conversion and modeling them to each channel interaction gives us a clearer picture of reality. With this we are better equipped to predict and optimise future performance. Our customised process for attribution modeling includes a proprietary algorithm for fully data-driven modeling. From here we design a unique model, suited to your specific data and operations.

Customer lifetime value

This analysis is based on predicting the true customer value over time. When the CLV analysis is deployed, it can lead to further analyses, providing insights into how customers visits can be extended, or how to re-shape digital marketing activities to gain a higher total CLV.

Marketing mix modeling

Our marketing mix modeling studies assess efficiency across the entire marketing portfolio. The analysis results in robust models which can show factors such as revenue, effects of marketing investments and other external factors. The analysis also highlights how marketing budgets can be optimised for better results with the same given investment.