Data, Analytics & Marketing Science


Best-in-class data collection, analysis, and actionability, all while keeping user privacy at heart.

Our Data, Analytics, and Marketing Science Specialists build strategies to generate the highest impact and value from first-party data. Our Analytics Specialists focus on building strong foundations, and on ensuring that businesses fully evaluate the data available to them and collect it in a way that’s both privacy-first and connected to the overarching business strategy and objectives.

With data collected in a clean and robust way, our Data and Marketing Science experts generate insights and use a combination of our technology with their advanced skills in data science and engineering to make an impact. Solutions range from Marketing Data Warehouses, to bespoke MMM studies, to deployments to link data insights into media bidding solutions.

Our teams work closely with every other function at Precis, including Media, Technology, and Creative. Data is the language that unites everything in digital, so our specialists always have an important role to play!

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