Aim’n – Reaching new audiences and driving sales through TikTok



Together with Aim’n we drove a 556% return on ad spend (ROAS).

Increase in conversion rate


The project saw a 55.7% increase in conversion rate compared to the previous month.

Decrease in CPC


And a 21.02% decrease in cost per purchase compared to the previous month.

  • The Aim’n x TikTok collaboration exceeded expectations, pushing the athleisure brand to new heights. Our innovative approach, integrating In-Feed Ads and creative testing – not only expanded reach – but delivered exceptional results in ROI.

    Ibrahim Patat
    Paid Social Lead Precis

Key iniatives

1. Media mix

Aim’n used TikTok in their media mix as an always-on performance channel to nurture their account.

2. In-feed ads

For this specific product launch, they ran In-Feed Ads and a broad targeting prospective campaign that utilised a creative testing strategy. Aim’n ran at least five creatives per ad group and studied the cost per acquisition, cost per click and the number of clicks to understand when to optimise the creatives.

3. Solid organic strategy

Parallel to the performance strategy, Aim’n has a solid organic TikTok strategy where they engage their community by showing behind the scenes of product shoots, which gives their audience a sense of belonging to their brand.

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