Klarna – an exponential story about generating leads

Increase in leads per month


Our total restructure of search advertising bosted monthly lead generation by 500%

Decrease in cost per lead


Acting on new market data, and improving optimization flow, reduced cost per lead by 80%

Increase in CTR


Continuous A/B-testing of key media instruments enabled us to increase CTR by 86%

  • Our collaboration has been very smooth. It’s not just talk, they make it happen.

    Helen Von Bahr
    Senior manager, Digital channels Klarna

Success factors

1. Lead profitability boosted

During the first 10 months, we increased the average number of leads generated each month by 500% At the same time, we reduced the cost per lead by 80% – significantly boosting profitability.

2. A/B testing

Landing pages, banners, search terms and new Google features were continually A/B-tested. As a result, CTR increased by 86% which, together with new banner copy and landing pages, improved results and cut CPC by 33%.

3. A total restructure

By switching all markets to a granular account structure, we were able to analyse search behaviour market by market. This allowed us to gather data, take relevant action, and focus on optimization flow.

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