Lyyti – Accelerating sales volume through CRM and Google Ads integration

Increase in marketing generated sales


YoY marketing generated sales volume through data alignment.

Pipeline increase


Increase in pipeline during the collaboration.

  • Collaborating with a data-driven marketing agency to develop and execute successful paid marketing is like having a trusted co-pilot. It involves leveraging data and insights to chart a course that optimises performance and delivers tangible results. Precis is a true co-pilot for us at Lyyti, and our collaboration has become a cornerstone in the execution of our overall growth marketing strategy.

    Antonia Ridderstråle
    CMO Lyyti

Success factors

1. Lead mapping

For B2B businesses, once a lead enters the marketing automation and CRM system – you have to ensure that the right data is being collected and tracked throughout its lead to sale journey. Precis consulted Lyyti’s sales staff to ensure that proper steps were being mapped with timestamps through the lead and opportunity funnel.

2. Alignment between departments

Through careful alignment of the sales, marketing, and revenue departments, Precis helped censure that the right data was being uploaded from Hubspot in Salesforce and back to ad platforms to ensure that the algorithms could be powered to find higher quality leads.

3. Salesforce integration

With a Salesforce connection tied directly to Google Ads, proper structures and reporting was put in place. Precis helped optimise their sales and marketing operations into a great collaboration, growing their marketing generated sales volume by 73% YoY through data alignment.

Hey there, qualified lead.