Polarn O. Pyret –  Maximising profit through automated recommendations

Increase in traffic


Increase in revenue


Drop in ROAS


  • The Precis Digital Budget Optimiser allows us to identify opportunities and be flexible with our budget allocation across markets, channels and campaigns. This greatly reduces the amount of time spent analysing marketing spend and minimises potential lost revenue for us as clients.

    Björn Holmkvist
    Head of Digital Marketing Polarn O. Pyret

Success factors

1. Predicting budget increase’s impact on sales

By tailoring the Budget Optimiser solution to their needs, we projected scenarios such as a 20% budget increase to estimate its impact on sales. This precision allowed us to gauge whether the budget adjustment met their sales goals. This collaboration empowers Polarn O. Pyret to refine their marketing strategies, confidently channelling resources where they deliver concrete results.

2. Budget flexibility across markets & channels

The Budget Optimiser allows Polarn O. Pyret to allocate budgets dynamically across different markets and channels based on performance insights. The ability to adapt and reallocate budgets based on emerging opportunities or underperforming areas enables Polarn O. Pyret to optimise their marketing investments in real-time. This flexibility ensures that the Budget Optimiser remains adaptable to changing market conditions and channel performance, resulting in improved efficiency and campaign effectiveness.

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