Sunjoy – Discovering unexpected audiences for mock-erotic campaign

Our approach

The campaign concept was developed to overcome challenges such as a limited media spend, absence of recent advertising efforts, and the unique nature of the product—a smooth drink that caters to a specific audience.

To amplify the awareness impact, Precis designed a campaign matrix across Meta, YouTube, and Twitch to spread the word of Sunjoy’s guilty pleasure. Brand lift studies with relevant tests were conducted to secure learnings and actionable insights.

What we did

We dug deep into the data to properly analyse the results and ensure we carry learnings for the future campaigns. We analysed the brand lift study results to understand the impact the campaign had and evaluated all test results to identify optimal storytelling methods and concrete recommendations.

By also analysing demographics data and creative performance, we even found out that the campaign resonated more with a female audience and benefitted from a variety of ads of different lengths.

The results

The campaign reached a best in class consideration lift with mind blowing +37% better lift compared to benchmark. Sunjoy also saw an increase of 19% in awareness measured by their brand tracker.

Against the original hypothesis our analysis defined women as their core audiences with a cheaper cost per lift and a 90% higher lift compared to men.

To top it off, the campaign had a significant impact on the product sales proving the bold strategy worked.

Full video views


We drove over 2 million full video views broadcasting the brand message far and wide. During our creative analysis, we discovered it was essential to have shorter films to enhance the storytelling of the full hero film.

Better absolute consideration lift compared to benchmarks


The campaign gained significant best in class lift in brand consideration proving the audiences remembered the brand. The lift was 37% higher compared to other companies’ running lift studies in Denmark in the same period.

Uplift in net sales


The branding campaign also significantly contributed to the commercial success. The product’s net sales reached an index of 150, despite budget constraints and the brand’s two-decade presence in the market, which was extraordinary.

  • Working with Precis has been an exceptional journey. They’re not just a digital agency; they’re strategic partners who bring objectivity to the table. Their ability to challenge and evaluate pushes us forward. We look forward to the next campaigns.

    Zenia Juul
    Regional Marketing Director CO-RO A/S – Sunjoy