We have just returned from our annual Precis Digital Conference, which was held in lovely Reykjavik, Iceland.

Hello world!

We have just returned from our annual Precis Digital Conference, which was held in lovely Reykjavik, Iceland. The decision to go to this lonely island in the middle of the sea was based on an internal survey among all Precis’ employees, leaving Iceland with a landslide victory against the other suggestions. We are not only into digital marketing, measurement, and data science – we love democracy as well! As with previous conferences the main focuses were to wrap up the current year and plan for the next, as well as revisiting our vision, put it to test, and challenge it.

When the conference kicked off it became very apparent that we have grown a lot since the beginning in 2012. Back then, Madrid was the destination for the very first of several annual conferences to come, and there was only seven of us joining the debates centering around our initial vision. Fast forward three years and we managed to bring 45 of us together for a four day conference, albeit it taking place under chillier circumstances. In the most tangible of ways it really struck us that we have become one of the biggest agencies in the Nordics within our field. We filled an entire, full-grown bus! Our focus has never been and never be will be to become the biggest digital agency. We have always planned for healthy organic growth to support our focus on quality. “Somehow” we still managed to grow quite a bit over the first few years, and it has allowed us to excel by working with more complex clients and projects. With people being our number one resource as well as the key aspect we plan our business around, this is something that we are truly proud of.

The theme for this years’ conference was People, Processes, and Technology (acronym is not to be confused with a certain presentation software). We are having a 100% focus on these three pillars and believe that every improvement and iteration will bring us closer to reaching our vision. Being all about optimization, we have decided on a new, bolder vision that we will be excited to work towards. Most importantly, we believe that both our clients and our employees will notice the difference going forward. Our new vision comes with greater purpose and a greater challenge. We believe that great companies are not just slightly better than the competition – they define an industry, and that’s exactly why we are doing this.

One of our focus areas for 2015 has been around creating the best workplace. We started out by having an internal survey covering multiple aspects of how it is to work at Precis. The results from the survey showed that we had already come a long way. However, naturally there was still room for improvement. We singled out a few areas from the survey that we wanted to put an extra focus on. One of them was challenging what we as a company can do for society. The work within this area has just been initiated and we had a workshop at the conference using the “Stieg and Stein-framework” to generate ideas to be developed further. We want our work for society to be of high impact while making use of Precis’ special set of skills. If you have any ideas on how we can make an impact, please come forward!

The conference ended with a Hackathon covering one of marketing’s most difficult questions: How should branding be measured, optimized and evaluated? This is just one of the areas that we want to define, and we can honestly say that the outcome of the Hackathon was impressive. For us, it became very obvious that Precis has the technology, processes and people to solve complex problems – even of this magnitude.

Believe it or not, we also had fun! The conference covered team-building activities such as an exciting day trip around Iceland’s Golden Circle as well as caving, deep-sea fishing and canceled whale watching.

In our view, it’s a more exciting time than ever to be at Precis and that says a lot!

Christoffer Lötebo & Christopher Brixen