During Spring 2019, Comwell partnered up with Precis to help them execute advertising on Facebook during the most important period of the Year – the Summer. With a well-drilled and worked through strategy in three phases, Precis and Comwell not only far exceeded expectations, but also completely changed the company's view on social media advertising.

In the spring of 2019, Comwell Hotels reached out to Precis to help them execute a campaign for the most important period of the year – the summer. The summer campaign on Facebook for 2018 was not regarded as a success and this year, management kept close attention as doubts were on whether or not to keep advertising on Facebook.

With a small budget of £13.5K available for 3 months, focus was on ensuring the budget was spent in the most profitable and measurable way. From the beginning, Comwell was ready to deliver an abundance of creative content along with resources in communication and overall campaign tone-of-voice. Precis came aboard to develop a strategy, that would ensure highest leverage of the budget to reach the most profitable and interested parties on Facebook.

A strategy in 3 phases with Awareness, Interest and Desire as the topics of each phase was implemented, along with specific communication to align with the overall topic as well as images and videos tailored to each targeting group, for both interest-based and remarketing audiences.

Each phase delivered a ROAS better than the previous one. Targeting in perfect synergy with communication and creative content proved fruitful. First phase delivered a ROAS of 426%, second at 1,188% and final phase at 4,186%.

The final ROAS gained from the summer campaign was 2039% compared to 556% in 2018.
The budget has been 36% smaller compared to last year in the same period, from £21,100 last year to £13,400.


In 2019, Comwell Hotels started to bet big on digital marketing by reaching out to Precis and ending contracts with previous partners. The biggest time of year for Comwell is the summer season, thus also presenting the period with the biggest marketing spend. Precis was brought on board ahead of this time, and worked in close collaboration with Comwell’s creative forces. With a low budget of £13.5K for 3 months to target every region in Denmark, every penny counted, which was why a tight and well-timed strategy was established.


Comwell had struggled to make a real impact in the summer of 2018 with a budget of £21K. However, they were ready to try and allocate yet another significant same budget relative to their total yearly budget in the summer of 2019 with Precis on board.

The campaign was set to run from the end of May 2019 to end of July with a total budget of £12K allocated – with the possibility of adding a little more if the performance was good enough. As the campaign progressed Comwell saw a really satisfying performance and it only increased over time. They were thrilled with the early results, so they decided to add another £1.5K to the campaign.


The objective for Comwell was to not only surpass the disappointing results from 2018, but also to prominently establish themselves within the hotel/leisure accommodation market during the summer through digital marketing. There was a lot of attention on the campaign’s outcome from management, and questions had been asked whether it would be economically viable to keep allocating budget to Facebook. Meanwhile, Comwell has a large club-member database and was looking to increase the number of members to strengthen their CLV.


In order to achieve better results than before for Comwell, we needed to set up workshops to align the understanding between Precis and Comwell’s creative forces. This would set the fundamental understanding of how the collaboration would approach Facebook as a platform from both the creative and technical sides.

Due to historically unstable and rainy weather in Denmark during summer, many travel abroad for their holidays. Therefore, focus was on some of the Unique Selling Points (USP) that Comwell boasts such as spa, fine-dining, and specific locations ideal for sport activities. For years Comwell has been considered to be amongst the most luxurious hotels in Denmark, and they have also been focusing on environmental values, such as becoming sustainable and eco-friendly to further entice customers to spend nights at one of their hotels.

An Awareness-Interest-Desire strategy approach was chosen for this campaign.

This worked very well for the set-up that Comwell has. Having recently migrated to a new website with specific URLs for each hotel, and their sub-categories, such as spa, fine-dining and sports. This made it possible to target users that had been very specific about which hotel interested them, and even to which element of the hotel they were interested in.

From the very beginning, we decided on a strategy that would synergistically combine targeting with creatives, thus advancing each part of the advertising and increasing the relevancy for targeted users, and thereby making a sympathetic ad experience for potential customers.

The images and ad copy selected differed between the ad sets. For example, for segments relating to romance, creatives of couples and a focus on romantic settings were used along with ad copy communicating in a clear ‘romantic’ vibe. This strategy was the case for all ad sets: Images and videos of spa activities for the spa-interested, family-friendly surroundings for family-based target groups, fine-dining creatives for gourmet/food-loving users, etc.

  • We allocated £3,700 to the Awareness phase which was based on prospecting hundreds of potential customers with over 15 interest-based ad sets and a 5 remarketing ad sets, such as current members and lookalikes of these. To allocate more time for developing creative (images, video and ad copy) we decided to leverage Facebook’s Campaign Budget Optimization (CBO), allocating budgets between best-performing ad sets dynamically and automatically. Having at least 5 different ads with varying content and format allowed optimal conditions for Facebook’s CBO to allocate budget to the best performing ad sets, under which the best ads were being optimized further.

At the end of the first Awareness phase, we would weed out in the lesser-performing ad sets and chose to continue with the 10-best performing interest-based ones, which we based directly on bookings, ROAS, engagement and engagement rate.

  • For the Interest phase, we allocated £4.3K, as we still considered it to be a prospecting phase. Using the best ad sets from the previous phase, new remarketing audiences based on user-engagement with first phase content, and website visits to a specific ‘Summer Campaign’-landing page allowed for a deeper – and cheaper – penetration intoComwell’s target audience. At this stage, the creatives and communication chosen had much more urgency to it. Users who had visited parts of the website involving Comwell’s food and restaurants were exposed to images and videos containing food, and the communication was tailored to talk about the hotel’s food and wine, whereas users who had visited spa elements of the website were similarly exposed to images and videos revolving around the spa treatments and facilities along with communication specially tailored for these segments.
  • We allocated £4.8K to the last phase, which involved specific and more complex ad sets – all prospecting ad sets were discarded, and only remarketing was used in this last phase of the campaign. Ad sets for each specific hotel were created based on users having visited the respective hotels’ sites (from website-URL structure), and another was created for anyone having come through the Summer Campaign landing page to the checkout-flow without booking. Each ad set featured 3 different ads to allow for automatic optimization of best performing ones: carousel, video and single image.


All 3 ads contained only creatives for each specific hotel to increase user ad-experience along with specific communication concerning each respective hotel’s specific USPs.

This set-up of going about targeting with specific, deeply customized ads and automating optimization to ensure most relevant content possible for users is now at the core of every Social Media Strategy at Comwell, where generic messages are becoming less frequent.


As a result of the carefully planned and executed strategy for the summer campaign of 2019, Comwell optimized their budget of £13.5K and successfully leveraged digital advertising on Facebook, taking advantage of the platform’s ability to function at both the upper and lower-funnel. Each phase in the strategy increased the ROAS and therefore profitability.

  • 1st Phase: Budget of £4.2K – ROAS at 425% resulting in total generated value of £18.1K.
  • 2nd Phase: Budget of £4.2K – ROAS at 1188% resulting in a total generated value of £50.6K
  • 3rd Phase: Budget of £4.8K – ROAS at 4186% resulting in a total generated value of £204.6K


Total figures:

  • Cost per booking: £10.26 – compared to £13.04 last summer in the same period.
  • Total value from bookings: £273,300 – compared to £117,500 last summer in the same period. An increase of 133%.
  • Total budget spent: £13,400 – compared to £21,100 last summer in the same period. A decrease of 36%.
  • Total ROAS: 2039% – compared to 556% last summer in the same period. A 267% increase.


A thorough strategy to deliver the most relevant content to the most fitting audience proved extremely fruitful. The synergy between content and technical know-how is clear and has proven a great success for Comwell Hotels’ social advertising.

Together with Precis Digital we have achieved the highest ROI of all time. They have managed to develop a solid social media strategy that not only increased bottom line results but greatly improved performance in all measurable parameters.

In this capacity, Precis has truly been of great value to Comwell Hotels.

– Jassmin El-Sayed, Social Media Specialist

Precis Digital