Facebook has released an official case about the success story of how Precis Digital and our client GANT Norway utilized Facebook advertising to the fullest potential.

All-American clothing brand GANT found new customers in Norway and more than doubled website conversions with a Facebook campaign that used specially tailored ad creative for each stage of the customer purchase journey.

GANT Norway’s ultimate goal was to increase revenue by attracting new customers to the website and increasing customer lifetime value through online sales. We effectively drove awareness, consideration and ultimately conversions by carefully tailoring ad creative to each stage of the customer journey and ensuring that audiences stayed engaged with eye-catching Facebook ads. By testing ad creative and placements at all stages of the sales funnel, we were able to find the best-performing combinations which increased revenue by 2.3x while simultaneously increasing return on ad spend (ROAS) by 36%.

Head of Marketing in GANT Norway Alexander Transeth comments on the initiative made in collaboration with Precis: 

Our advanced Facebook strategy allowed us to prioritise the most valuable customers and target potential customers based on the purchase funnel approach. It’s been a pleasure to work with Precis Digital, who always have ideas about how we can improve our results even further.

Being able to achieve such results in collaboration with GANT Norway has been a truly fun, inspiring and educational experience, and we’re excited to implement our learnings on future campaigns.

Read Facebook’s full case about GANT Norway here

Robin Urhaug Senior Digital Specialist