This case study demonstrates how Precis Digital helped Kristeligt Dagblad optimise their marketing spend by reducing the amount of non-converting traffic through paid brand keywords.


Kristeligt Dagblad is a Danish newspaper with a focus on societal issues and change, from a religious and philosophical perspective. The newspaper, which is available online and in print, collaborates with Precis for its search advertising and is one of the few Danish newspapers to experience continuous growth.


Their online newspaper is available 24/7 to its many subscribers and has a steady flow of new content and articles published around the clock. This means it sees a high and continuous volume of traffic, with a big portion coming from current subscribers.

Despite the brand keywords triggering thousands of times every day on Google Search, a relatively low percentage of the brand specific queries actually end up converting. The assumption was that many of their already-converted subscribers access the newspaper by searching for the brand and clicking on one of the ads on Google, resulting in a high amount of non-converting clicks. Therefore, Precis started excluding existing subscribers on paid brand keywords to decrease  non-converting traffic.

Precis’ Solution

From other subscription-based clients, Precis Digital has successfully created dynamic audiences based on existing-subscribers and excluding these from all branded keywords. Precis integrated an event¹ in the DataLayer² which pushed once a user lands on homepage, that described the visitor either as a current subscriber or non-subscriber based on whether or not they are logged in. This event is picked up as a Google Analytics Custom Dimension, and then published as  an audience to their Google Ads account to be used as an excluded audience in all branded keywords.

We’ve had Precis Digital as our digital marketing partner for years, and this case is a great illustration of why it has been so.

– Sandra Sveinbjørnsson, Head of Marketing, Kristeligt Dagblad


The results were impressive for such a client with frequent returning customers and high traffic. The following month saw campaigns with branded keywords performed better than seen previously, with the following results:

  • Conversion rate increased by an impressive 29%, causing Cost Per Acquisition to decrease by 20%
  • Impressions reduced by 17% whilst clicks rose by 9%, effectively increasing the Click-through-Rate by 11%
  • The amount spent on branded keywords decreased by 6% as subscribers were lead away from paid brand keywords, thus reducing cost wastage.

By excluding current subscribers who are searching and clicking on paid brand keywords, Precis Digital brought down the costs associated with paid branded keywords and thus pushed that traffic towards clicking free organic results instead of paid ads.

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¹ An event is a custom defined action that happens back-end on a website, containing a custom message for Google Analytics to understand. In this case, the message was either “Current Subscriber” or “Not Current Subscriber”.

² DataLayer is essentially a communication channel between the websites back-end and its’ Google Analytics. Inside a DataLayer you can put as many events as you want, with different messages.

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