Are you wondering how it would be working at a digital marketing agency, working with data-driven marketing, or maybe very specifically, at Precis? Here, one of the first co-workers at our Helsinki office, Anssi Rasmus, has shared his thoughts about working at Precis.

This blog is a part of a series of posts written by people at Precis, which describes from their perspective how it is to work with us.

Meet our People – Hi Anssi!

My name is Anssi and I’m a digital specialist at Precis Helsinki. I’ve been working at Precis for 2 years – the first 1,5 at the Copenhagen office and now at our newest office in Helsinki. I joined Precis for two reasons: the website looked cool (a valid reason, right?) but also due to my interest in data-driven digital marketing, which Precis seemed to be doing pretty well. I’m happy to say that we still do!


I specialize in paid search and my normal workday includes all sorts of activities from account optimization and analysis to client communication and internal team tasks. I might be looking at data sets to understand seasonal trends, building new campaigns for an upcoming sale period, or talking to clients on what should be tested in the near future. In general, I like working with different platforms to get a holistic overview of digital marketing, as well as working closely with clients and my team members. I guess it’s the combination of technology and people that keeps me going.

Life before Precis

Before joining Precis, I worked in-house in a marketing team and pursued a semi-professional music career. Working in-house was fun and it taught me the basics of digital marketing, however, I always wanted to move into the agency-side of the business. Now, I’m happy I did the switch as I get to learn from all the top-notch specialists at Precis and in our client companies. When it comes to music, it turned out that guitar playing skills don’t come handy in marketing, but they do give you some authority when choosing office music – years of playing finally pays off!

What I like about Precis

What I like about Precis is that we have a culture of “learning by doing”. This means that all new employees are involved in the actual client work from day one and they get to participate in the same tasks as anyone else in the team. This makes development fast and motivating but also strengthens team culture, which again leads to good results. In addition to team dynamics, it’s important to translate and communicate the results to the client in a clear manner and focus on full transparency. I think that’s something we’re pretty good at already, but in a fast-changing industry like digital marketing, maintaining transparency calls for constant rethinking of our work processes. Exciting, yet challenging, I would say.


In 2020 I’m hoping to keep on working with our current clients and getting some new projects as well. I’m most excited about our steadily growing office here in Helsinki and all the fun stuff that comes along with it. Last Summer, when we started Precis Helsinki, I worked here for two months by myself in a co-working space and now we’re already 7 and counting! We’ve had a great start and I can only expect it to continue the same way this year.

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Anssi Rasmus Digital Specialist