The purpose of our career tracks is to increase transparency into what career opportunities you have at Precis, while at the same time optimise towards our vision. We achieve this by providing everyone at Precis with a clear career ladder, that consists of the existing career tracks. For each career track, we have a set of specialisations that we view as extra important, and these are expressed based on skills.

At Precis, all operational roles are divided into one of our three career ladders: Digital marketing, Data & Analytics or Technology. Each of these career ladders consists of at least two career tracks, and it is fully possible to jump between both tracks and ladders. We believe this type of flexibility makes us faster and therefore, it is a competitive advantage. The reason why we have different career ladders is that we want to clarify our specialisations as much as possible, and there are some more clear differences in what skills you need to develop to have a successful career in the different specialisations. 

Our view on a role is that it is built of responsibilities and expectations. For both of these, skills are the foundation, and in order to make it transparent to everyone, we have defined what you need to master for any given role. These might be pure product competencies, such as competence in Google Ads or DV360, but they can also be softer skills, such as leadership or project management. 

The purpose of our career tracks is to clarify the different specialisations that we have available within each career ladder. Within each of our three career ladders, we have the following career tracks:

Digital marketing: Client and Product

Data & Analytics: Analytics and Data

Technology: Development and Data Science


If we look at the career ladder for Digital marketing as an example, this is how it looks like:

As visualised in this ladder, everyone that joins Precis without prior experience will, within this career ladder, take on the broader role as Associate Digital Specialist. For that role, the goal is to build the foundation of competence across all skills in the career ladder, and therefore it spans all the way from Client to Product. More specifically, these are the skills that are in focus: 

  • Product: Advertising platforms, Analytics platforms, Other core specialisations (e.g. Creative)
  • Technical: Programming, Excel, Statistics, Technical understanding
  • People: Leadership, Mentoring, Coaching, Training, Inspiring
  • Client strategy: Client development, project management, management of complex projects, C-level perspective & understanding
  • Business development: Internal project leadership, ability to scale initiatives, commercial awareness

For more senior roles, we expect a higher degree of specialisation. Therefore the expectation within each skill area differs depending on the role. On top of these skills, we expect everyone at Precis to contribute to our culture, the core job of the role and our goals. All of these areas are what we include in our performance review process, which we will share more about in a future blog post.

Whenever a co-worker is mastering the current role, it is time to plan for promotion. To be eligible for a promotion, we expect the following:

  • Performance review ratings that are consistently good.
  • Showcased delivery of skills and expectations in current role.
  • Showcased ability to perform in line with skills and expectations in the future role.

The decision to initiate the promotion process is made together between the manager and the co-worker. 

If you are interested in learning more about or career tracks, and much more, check out the Precis Handbook.

Christoffer Lötebo Group CEO & Partner