We are now excited to announce that we are expanding geographically in Sweden by opening our Gothenburg office.

In an earlier blog post we mentioned that 2015 was set to be another year full of milestones for Precis Digital. We kicked off the year in the strongest way possible – by launching our third office in Oslo. The Norwegian branch of Precis has enabled us to expand our Nordic presence by being properly represented in all of Scandinavia. Having a local presence is one part of a strategy we have believed in since the very beginning and it is something that we continue to invest in. Our office in Norway has already shown to be yet another proof of concept and we have expanded well above expectations already within the first year. We will cover more about this in a future blog post but it is definitely exciting to once again see that our services succeed in developing companies’ digital marketing efforts.

Ever since the beginning we have had a presence in south of Sweden through the opportunity of working together with many exciting companies on forming their digital agenda and help them take their businesses to the next level. Opening our Gothenburg office will allow us to work even closer with existing and future clients in the region, but it will also work as a nexus bringing all of our current offices (physically) closer together. We are proud of our shared ambition in defining the next generation marketing agency, and as a part of that we have a clear focus on nailing our cross-country collaboration. We are very pleased to have Johan Wolfbrandt managing our Gothenburg office. Johan has had a tremendous development during his time at Precis, and we feel confident that he is the right person for the job. The most important aspect is the fact that Johan shares our values of how to run and build a strong business. In addition, Johan has proven to share our passion for digital marketing along with our obsession with creating a culture that fosters excellence.

A couple of words from Johan Wolfbrandt

“My interest in digital marketing began during my studies when I launched an online store selling replacements brushes for electric toothbrushes. Initially, I had no idea what I was getting myself into but I was immediately struck by the infinite possibilities of the internet as a marketplace. Having been with Precis Digital for one and a half years, I am both humbled and inspired to take on the task of creating new success stories in the southern part of Sweden.”

What happens next?

The Gothenburg office will launch in just a few weeks in early December, 2015. Presence in Gothenburg will enable closer contact with existing clients, but also new opportunities to work with some of all the interesting companies that are located in the region. We are currently looking for business partners and employees and we will gladly provide you with further updates on this exciting progress once we have opened our doors in Gothenburg!

Johan Wolfbrandt & Christoffer Lötebo