We're proud to announce that Precis has been welcomed to the Facebook Marketing Consultants partner program.

The Facebook Marketing Consultants partner program is designed for companies with expertise in technical subject areas within Facebook's advertising and measurement solutions, efficient and stable service offerings, and a proven track record of positive client feedback.

We are happy and proud to announce that Precis is one of the first agencies globally to be accepted into Facebook’s marketing partner program as an FMC. Following a rigorous vetting of our Paid Social specialists across the company, including coding reviews and knowledge assessments, Precis is now listed as one of the selected companies who are judged to provide optimal Facebook marketing solutions.

At precis, we believe the next generation digital agency is one where people and technology act in symbiosis to help our clients grow and prosper. Our own tech development of Facebook tools, paired with highly competent personell, is our recipe to work according to this vision. We see this partner invitation from Facebook as a testimony to the fact that we’re on the right track!




Kristoffer Olofsson Partner