Takeaways from our B2B Creatives event in Stockholm

Naima Gilani
Client Lead

Measuring beyond leads is possible and can bring tons of valuable insights to the sales team and management. Focus on the depth of content consumption by key companies you are trying to reach.

Yuliya Salorenko
Senior Growth Marketer The F Company

Businesses should strategically have a long-term approach for creatives and go from awareness to fame. Love and happiness are strong emotional triggers proven to be successful on LinkedIn for this goal!

Raffy Vota
Global Creative Agency Lead LinkedIn

Take a creative concept and test it with iterations in copies, CTAs, emojis, formats etc… and run with the best-performing creative. But that would only work if the initial idea is humanised and connects with the target audience!

Ajit Deshpande
Senior Creative Strategist Precis