Every year Mary Meeker writes about the trends that will be meaningful for the internet in the year to come. These are our favourite bits out of this year’s analysis, and the ones we find the most relevant for advertisers and marketeers.

Ads optimized for mobile

When it comes to mobile for a long while there has been quite an interesting gap between where the users were and where the advertisers were present. Many big players such as Google, Facebook etc. shouted “MOBILE!!” for a long while, and advertisers were slow to adopt the warnings on how important mobile would be for them. Now the gap is closing, and the next thing on the menu for advertisers is ads that are specifically optimized for mobile and the way in which users apply their mobile phones. This is in many ways a novelty. Up until this point mobile ads has simply been sized down to fit a mobile screen in the classic 300×250 format. This is now changing for the better. A few great examples from Mary Meeker include:

Source: http://www.kpcb.com/internet-trends

Moreover, the possibility of actually completing a purchase on mobile phones is being facilitated substantially with mobile optimized “buy” buttons that are increasingly becoming a standard feature.

Source: http://www.kpcb.com/internet-trends

User-generated videos

The rise of user-generated videos is undeniable. Looking at Facebook data on daily video views is quite astonishing. Growing from 1 billion video views per day in Q3:2014 to an incredible 4 billion just two quarters later in Q1:2015.

Source: http://www.kpcb.com/internet-trends

Advertisers who understand how to leverage this and put their brand in the center of it all will win when it comes to communicating with their target audience. One of the best current examples of this is Budweiser UK running their Budweiser Dream Goal campaign on their YouTube channel. The entire campaign is built around user-generated videos of great Sunday League goals. It is excellently executed with renowned commentators giving their opinions on the goals scored, and at the same time it leverages the phenomenon of funny Sunday League videos found everywhere on the internet right now.

Source: From Budweiser UK YouTube channel, Winning Analysis | Dream Goal | Budweiser UK

When your users want you, they want you right now

Innovation is driving users to become increasingly accustomed to the fact that whatever they desire or need, they can have within minutes. This will affect your business since users are going to have a very bad experience with your company, if they have to wait too long for the delivery of your product or service. The “on-demand” user is a rising phenomenon and a challenge for businesses. The hard truth is that if you don’t accommodate their instant need, someone else will. The “on-demand” users are having their needs fulfilled everywhere they go, whether it being music on Spotify, Series on HBO, rides on Über or even Amazon’s same day delivery, which is now present in several big cities in the US. Some other great examples include:

Source: http://www.kpcb.com/internet-trends

This type of user will challenge your business in the coming year and will demand you to innovate the way in which you deliver your product or service.

Summing up, this year is going to be extremely exciting and users are forcing business to:

  • Take the user and their context into consideration – what type of communication or message is going to accommodate the user best in his or her current situation.
  • Listen to their voices and talk back. Users generate an amazing amount of content, so listen and talk back.
  • Explore new ways to meet their demands for the delivery of your product or service.
Rafael Cifuentes Partner