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Cloud solutions for marketing

The experts in both cloud and marketing solutions.

By combining those expertise, we deliver solutions that drive performance for your marketing teams.


  • Customer analytics
  • Advanced visualisations
  • Marketing automation
  • Feed management
  • Custom bidding

Drive results with the power of AI

Stay ahead of the curve with the newest technology within Generative AI.

Equip your marketing team with invaluable insights, automate low-level tasks, and enhance the customer experience using customised AI applications.


  • Image generation
  • Video intelligence
  • ChatBots
  • Trend analytics
  • With Precis as a partner, we did not only see fantastic growth in the business results, but also an agile way-of-working where data-driven decisions and self-learning tools are fundamental.

    James Perrott
    Performance Marketing Manager Scandic

From data to impact

The journey from messy data lakes to a ready-to-use application can be tricky.

At Precis, we’ll take you through the foundations step by step and give you the tools needed for your teams to succeed.

Product capabilities:

  • BigQuery
  • Cloud Storage
  • Cloud Functions (Pub/Sub)
  • Virtual Machine
  • Cloud Run
  • Vertex AI
  • Gemini

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